Exeter Classic Motorcycle Club Rules

Exeter Classic Motorcycle Club Rules

1. The club will be known as “The Exeter Classic Motorcycle Club”

2. The aim of the club is to foster, encourage and maintain an interest in the vintage, veteran, and classic motorcycle. To provide technical assistance to its members, to provide for members to meet one another and discuss motorcycling matters in a friendly atmosphere and finally to establish and maintain good relations between motorcyclists and the general public by quiet and courteous riding.

3. Associate membership for spouses or partners is charged at half the current subscription.

4. Voting rights will only be applicable to full members.

5. The full membership fee will be reviewed annually at the AGM, subscriptions paid by persons joining the club in the last two months of a year are considered free and membership will be considered paid until the end of the following year.

6. Membership subscriptions are to be paid annually in August to the membership secretary. The latest date for payment being the end of September each year. After this date unpaid members become lapsed members and have to pay the joining fee and subscription to re-join the club.

7. Prospective members are to be allowed to attend two meetings as a Temporary Member, before applying for membership. Membership applications will go before committee for approval before completion. This is to ensure that the applicant has a genuine interest in classic motorcycles and the aims of our club.

8. Club meetings are to be held on the first Monday of the month at 8pm excluding bank holidays when the meeting will be held on the first Tuesday of the month, a raffle is usually held to raise funds for the club.

9. The general business of the club is run by a committee comprising of, Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Treasurer, Honorary Secretary, Membership Secretary and up to eight other position as deemed necessary. A CANDIDATE FOR THE OFFICE OF CHAIRPERSON OR TREASURER SHALL HAVE SERVED AS A MEMBER OF THIS CLUB FOR AT LEAST ONE YEAR PRIOR TO BEING NOMINATED FOR SUCH OFFICE (UNDER NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES). These officers will be elected at the AGM each year from full active members of the club. 

10. The club bank account is to be named “The Exeter Classic Motorcycle Club” (ECMC). There are to be four members authorised as signatures. These are to be the chairperson, treasurer and two other committee members. All charges submitted for payment must have the signature of two of these four authorised members. No two members of the same family are permitted to sign cheques.

11. The treasurer is to submit to committee a six monthly statement of the club account in December and a full years account in July for audit by the committee prior to the AGM.

12. The committee will have the power to expel any member or refuse membership

13. The AGM is to be held at the club meeting in August each year. Nomination papers to be distributed at the July meeting.

14. In the event of the club ceasing to operate for any particular reason all remaining assets, if any, will be disposed of equally amongst the fully paid up members (this does not include associate members).

15. Proposed committee members must declare any membership of other relevant clubs before being voted on.


The Exeter Classic Motorcycle Club is committed to treating all people equally and with respect irrespective of their age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership, race, religion or belief, sex, or sexual orientation (Equality Act 2010)

Any Member failing to abide by this may have their membership terminated. All grievances should be brought to the committee and which will be investigated and action taken as required.


Data Policy:

Your personal data is in safe hands with the Exeter Classic Motorcycle Club

We do: use your personal data to help us provide a good service for you. This includes tailoring the information we share to ensure you find it relevant, useful and timely.

We do: respect your privacy and work hard to ensure we meet strict regulatory requirements.

We don’t: sell your personal data to third parties.

We’ll always protect your personal data and, as part of this, we regularly review our privacy notice so that you can see how we use your data,. If there are any further changes to the ‘General Data Protection Regulation’ (or GDPR) or related laws, we may need to amend this statement in the future.


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